Moonbeams And Magick

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Lyn ( AKA ) Myrtlelyn

I would like to take this time to  tell you a Little about  myself. 

I was happily married to my Best Friend and  Soul Mate for 30 years,
until he passed away on July 24, 2017. 
I am a Mother and a Grandmother.

I am  a Kitty Mama of 2 special Fur Babies :) Ghost is 18 all white and 3/4 Siamese.
The newest being a rescue.
A pretty little Maine Coon-Athena
I worked as a Career Hairdresser , Bartender and Psychic for the last 35  years.
I have given Readings , taught classes, and worked Spells in my home.
I then decided to add on line Clients as well.

I am open minded, down to earth , and straight forward.
I can be a little blunt, but don't be offended :) 
this is just the way I am. I do not sugar coat anything.
 I love Nature. I spent most of my life camping in the mountains in Upstate NY, &
 Beachcombing on the Eastern Sea Coast.  

I do have some Gypsy Heritage and so when I was younger I moved a lot.
New York, Mass., New Hampshire, South Carolina-
I usually like to be near a beach or mountains
I still Love Walking on the Beach, in the woods, or up in the mountains,
As long as I have my cane and my phone.

Fresh Air and Sunshine are a great healing force. 
I totally Love  the smell of Sea air.  I am amazed by Tropical Weather -
Thunderstorms- as long as I am in a safe place. 

Mother Nature gives us such beautiful sights to enjoy. Sunsets
, Sunrises, Storms, Rainbows , Flowers,
 Trees, Animals and just so much more.

 I am a  unique person, as we all are, in our own ways. 
 I love being myself. I am confidant in who I am. 
My passions are Animals, Nature, Any  body of water, 
the Ocean being my favorite.  I enjoy Beach Combing,  
Camping and walks in the woods.  
I like creating with my hands. My Camera is my favorite pass time.
I enjoy taking pictures of Nature the most.
I am a Natural Psychic with Mediumship Abilities.
I have had my abilities since birth. I was born with some physical signs
that my family recognized as signs that I would have special abilities.

I have Studied Witchcraft for over 30 years, Beginning in 1969.
I follow the OLDE WAYS. Or a Pagan Path. I was always encouraged by my family ,
as we are very diverse when it comes to our beliefs.
I am of German and Hungarian descent.

My 1st Witchy Book was - Diary Of A Witch by Sybil Leek- 
Excellent Book. I received this along with a Swiss set of Tarot Cards.
This was my introduction into the Pagan Lifestyle. 
This was my 10th Birthday. I have been reading and Studying ever since.

I have been assisting people with my Abilities & Knowledge
from the  late 70's- to the present.
I have helped guide many people on their own path of  Spirituality,and
Psychic Development.

I use a Beautiful ,Powerful form of Magick.
I consider myself a Natural Witch. I am Solitary by choice.