Moonbeams And Magick

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Myrtlelyn The Witchy Widow and CJ Althea Psychic Healer

To those who know me and those of you who don't,
 I would like to thank you for visiting.

I am Happy to announce a new Partnership.
Myrtlelyn- The Witchy Widow and C J Althea- the Psychic Healer.
WE will be offering a large variety of Readings 
as well as Healing and Mystical Items.

Brightest Blessings,
I am Myrtlelyn, as some of you already know.
I would like to take this time to  tell you a little about  myself. 

I was happily married to my Best Friend and  Soul Mate for 30 years,
until he passed away on July 24, 2017. 
I am a Mother and a Grandmother.

I the Kitty Mama of 2 special Fur Babies :)
 Ghost is 18 all white and 3/4 Siamese.
The newest being a rescue.
A pretty little Maine Coon-Athena
I worked as a Career Hairdresser ,
Bartender and Psychic for the last 35  years.
I have given Readings , taught classes,
held Psychic Circles ( Seance' ) 
and have worked many Spells over the years.

I decided in 2003 to add on-line Clients as well.
This has helped so many more people to enjoy my services.

I am open minded, down to earth,straight forward,
and a little blunt, but don't be offended :) 
this is just the way I am. I do not sugar coat anything.
 I love Nature. I spent most of my life camping
 in the mountains in Upstate NY, 
 Beach-combing on the Eastern Sea Coast.  

I love collecting Shells, Driftwood, Water, Sand,
Stones, Pine Cones, Leaves, well you get the idea.

I do have some Gypsy Heritage.
When I was younger I moved around a lot.
New York, Mass., New Hampshire, South Carolina-
I usually like to be near a beach,river or mountains
I Love Walking on the Beach, in the woods, or up in the mountains,
As long as I have my cane and my phone, as I am now disabled.
I love decorating my home with bits and pieces of nature.

Fresh Air and Sunshine are a great healing force. 
I totally Love  the smell of Sea air.
I am amazed by Tropical Weather -
Thunderstorms- as long as I am in a safe place. 

Mother Nature gives us such beautiful sights to enjoy.
Sunsets,Sunrises, Storms, Rainbows , Flowers,
Trees, Animals and just so much more, 
all you have to do is look around you.

 I am unique, as we all are, in our own ways. 
 I love being myself. I am confidant in who I am. 
My passions are Animals, Nature, Any  body of water, 
the Ocean being my favorite. I enjoy Beach Combing,  
Camping and walks in the woods.  
I like creating with my hands.
My Camera is my favorite pass time.
I enjoy taking pictures of Nature the most.

I was born with physical signs
that my family recognized. They knew I would have special abilities.

My purpose is to bring comfort, positive energies 
and healing to those who need it.  To pass on Messages
from guides and loved ones. To help with life changing decisions. 

I am proud of who I am ,and my life's path.
I was born with special Psychic abilities. 
As I matured my Psychic and Mediumship abilities became stronger. 

I have the ability to connect and communicate with Spirit.
Our Guides, Friends and Loved ones who've gone on ahead of us.
I also have an uncanny way of seeing far into the future.
I was Blessed with many different Psychic Abilities.
I hear ,feel , smell and taste.

I am also a Witch.
I have Studied Witchcraft for over 30 years, Beginning in 1969.
I follow the OLDE WAYS. Or a Pagan Path.
 I was always encouraged by my family ,
as we are very diverse when it comes to our beliefs.
I am of German and Hungarian descent.

The 1st Witchy Book I read was - Diary Of A Witch by Sybil Leek- 
Excellent Book. I received this along with a Swiss set of Tarot Cards.
This was my introduction into the Pagan Lifestyle. 
This was my 10th Birthday. I have been reading and Studying ever since.

I have been assisting people with my Abilities and Knowledge
from the  late 70's- to the present.
I have helped guide many people on their own path of  Spirituality,and
Psychic Development.

I use a Beautiful ,Powerful form of Magick.
I consider myself a Natural Witch. I am Solitary by choice.

CJ Althea The Psychic Healer

I am Happy to Introduce my Friend, Sister and Partner In Business.

CJ Althea- Psychic and Healer:

By Law-Disclaimer

You must be 18 or older and you must communicate in English.
Our only language.

BY LAW - I must add the following Disclaimer:
Psychic Readings , Spell Castings , 
and all Magickal items are sold for Entertainment purposes Only.

They should ever be substituted for Medical or Legal advice.
They work along with professional help, to strengthen the end results. 
You are responsible for the way you use products once purchased. 

None of my products should be ingested. 
These products are for external use only.
Location: Schenectady